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In today's world we gain knowledge through texts, audio, visual, verbal, etc., in form of lectures, seminars, workshops, etc. so we use only 2 or 3 knowledge senses i.e. ear, eye and tongue. In Reality, we have 5 knowledge senses! And one Meta knowledge sense!
The five are through our organs, Eye, Ear, Mouth-tongue, Nose, Skin and the Meta knowledge sense is the sixth sense.

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What is Scientific Concentration ?

Sixth sense is nothing but our mind and mind is scientifically defined as our level of concentration or simply concentration, ekagrata, chitta. So, people, intelligent persons, all defer from each other with variation in level of concentration. Some get less mark, less output in work and some get more due to this, variation of level of concentration. Level of concentration is directly proportional to time. So, equilibrium of 5 senses for minutes, hours, days will increase your concentration. To increase your concentration you have to go from superficial body sensations to deep body sensations over time.

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